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Kids’ Turn is a Member of:

International Commission on Couples and Family Relations (ICCFR)
Step Family Association of America (SFAA)
Kids’ Turn Programs are endorsed by the National Football League Alumni


Walking children through divorce: Kids’ Turn helps parents respond to the needs of sons and daughters during a family split Sam McManis, Chronicle Deputy Living Editor Sunday, June 8, 2003. Article

Local philanthropists help make Kids’ Turn a success, Carolyne Zinko, Chronicle Staff Writer Sunday, June 8, 2003. Article


CNN – Headline News
Kids’ Turn will be featured by Comcast local edition, and broadcast on CNN – Headline News with a segment on our organization and our services. The broadcast will air throughout the month of December 2007.

ABC News – The View From The Bay
Kids’ Turn was featured on ABC News – The View from the Bay which aired on July 13, 2007. The segment featured parenting your child through a divorce and how to build and maintain a healthy relationship.

Kids’ Turn was featured in an October, 2006 PBS broadcast on the childhood impact of parental separation and divorce. Developed in the Bay Area but broadcast nationally, ‘Kids’ and Divorce, For Better or Worse’, brought national attention to this local program.

ABC-TV, “20/20”
In the spring of 1995, Kids’ Turn was featured on the ABC-TV news program, ’20/20,’ and also recently on CNN, generating calls worldwide from people interested in starting the program in their area. A videotape entitled ‘For Kids’ Sake’ features interviews with participating families and goes inside the sessions to show what takes place in a workshop.


Kids’ Turn was pleased to announce the second printing of Good Parenting Through Your Divorce by San Francisco author, Mary Ellen Hannibal. Based on the Kids’ Turn Program, this parenting guide serves as a useful tool to help parents before, during or after participation in a Kids’ Turn workshop. An essential, comprehensive guide for parents, Good Parenting Through Your Divorce helps parents and their children adjust to a new family arrangement. Chapters on childhood development, discipline, healthy communication, and moving forward make this a complete treatment of a common but challenging experience. Purchase Online

Organizational Accomplishments

Grandparent Seminar

The Seminar was developed based on repeated inquiries to our office from grandparents who want to be involved in helping their grandchildren ease through parental separation. We also recognize that an increasing number of grandparents are offering support (financial, emotional, etc.) to their children and grandchildren during times of family difficulties.

17,000 Bay Area Participants
This benchmark was reached in 2014 and has been funded primarily with private support.

Kids’ Turn’s Longitudinal Study
Kids’ Turn is proven to improve the circumstances for children and parents in separating families over time.

Curriculum Improvements
With innovations of The Kids’ Turn Way infusing elements of Emotional Intelligence, Kids’ Turn continues to lead the field offering families new skills to build their emotional skill set during the family turbulence created by parental separation. Unlike other divorce education services, Kids’ Turn’s program content has application to other life difficulties.

Multiple Language Capacity
Kids’ Turn’s core curriculum has been translated into Chinese and Spanish. The Good Samaritan Family Resource Center in San Francisco’s Mission District delivers the program in Spanish.

The Online Program
In 2013, we launched The Kids’ Turn Way, Online, an online version of our parents curriculum.

Our program is offered by several organizations in California and by organizations in Oregon, Illinois and Connecticut.