Kids' Turn

Putting kids in the center of healing, not in the middle of conflict

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Helping families through separation for more than 25 years.

Whether you’re a parent or a child, divorce and separation are hard. Kids’ Turn is here to make it easier to understand and express your feelings and get through the turmoil that can accompany familial reorganization. We are the only nonprofit organization providing a comprehensive program for children and family members who are affected by familial separation.

Kids’ Turn is a private, non-profit organization. We provide educational programs and resources for children of all ages, adolescents and parents experiencing separation or divorce. Some families in the program are just now in the process of separating and others have been separated or divorced for many years. What all families in Kids’ Turn have in common is that separation or divorce has affected their lives and they are trying to do something to make things better for their children and themselves.

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