Kids' Turn

Putting kids in the center of healing, not in the middle of conflict

Family Resources: Kids Overview

Are your mom and dad not together? You’re not alone.

Did you know that almost half of all kids in America live in divorced or separated families? It’s true. Many kids think they are the only one whose parents aren’t together. Some kids think they are the only one in their school or neighborhood. But that’s not the case. In fact, if there are twenty kids in your class, probably almost ten of them have divorced or separated parents.

Kids’ Turn is a program that helps kids learn about divorce and separation. It can help kids feel better about divorce, too. This website is all about kids and divorce. You can read what other kids feel about separation. There are games to play and activities to help you learn about divorce. If you want, you can show your parents this website, and maybe they can learn something, too.

“I went to Kids’ Turn and met a lot of other kids who had gone through the same thing as me. That’s how it helped me.”

“I feel as if a big burden has been lifted from my shoulders. Before, I didn’t even feel like doing anything, but now this program has helped me a lot. Thanks, Kids’ Turn.”

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