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Putting kids in the center of healing, not in the middle of conflict

Practitioners: Overview

You can use Kids’ Turn to help your clients.

Working with Emotional Intelligence. Kids’ Turn’s curriculum, The Kids’ Turn Way, is the premiere program in the very specialized field of divorce education.  It’s the only program for separating or divorcing families developed with elements of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Kids’ Turn has infused the important precepts of EQ into a curriculum designed to help children and parents navigate the turbulence created by parental separation.

Five concrete skill areas are the basis for The Kids’ Turn Way:






No other divorce education curriculum in the country offers these valuable relationships skills which can also be used during other life difficulties.

Curriculum modules for every age. Four age-appropriate curriculum modules exist for parents, 5-7 year olds, 8-10 year olds and youth/teens. The original Kids’ Turn delivery format encourages simultaneous attendance by parents and children, but  practitioners may offer the individual coursework as stand-alone services (eg.  parents only).

A fifth module, Early Years, is available for parents only of infants, toddlers and preschoolers.  Each module offers six, scripted and easy-to-follow lessons.

The Kids’ Turn Way, Grandparents is also available.  This program module acknowledges grandparents in their increasingly important role when families reorganize.

The material is suitable to offer by court systems, school districts, family service agencies, private schools, home school settings, faith-based organizations, private practitioners  – any environment where children or parents involved in parental separation are in need of support.  Social workers, educators, clergy and even paraprofessionals (with qualified supervision) are qualified to conduct the program.

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Kids’ Turn really works. Dr. Jeffrey Cookston, San Francisco State University, conducted a four-year, longitudinal study of the Kids’ Turn program. The results, published in 2009, show that Kids’ Turn is accomplishing the very real goals of helping families through parental separation by:

  1. Decreasing parent alienation
  2. Decreasing parent conflict
  3. Reducing children’s internalizing of negative emotions.

These very compelling outcomes continue to set Kids’ Turn apart from other separation and divorce services in the United States. View the entire evaluation report.

“Kids’ Turn has leveraged its resources and the progressive nature of San Francisco to become a global leader in addressing the problems children face when their parents separate.”

Halsey M. Minor, Kids’ Turn Board Member, Founder, CNET.